What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

We went away for the weekend and came home to find out that a water valve on the wall had burst and leaked a lot of water into our home.  I immediately called my insurance company (Allstate), who recommended SERVPRO.

Within a few hours I had several members of the SERVPRO team at my home setting up equipment and getting rid of the water that was covering over 2700 square feet of my home.

The team at SERVPRO helped me get everything back to normal.  My floor was replaced, my plumbing repaired, etc.

The most helpful and surprising part of the process was when it came time to repair my kitchen cabinets.  SERVPRO has their construction manager come look at the damage.  He quoted me $5000 to have it repaired, which my insurance company approved.

A friend of mine, who is a professional carpenter offered to redo the entire kitchen for $7,000.  SERVPRO worked with my insurance company to make that happen!

Wife flooded motor home while we were on vacation. Called SERVPRO, they were out within the hour. Started drying, were with us 4 days and helped save the motor home. Would highly recommend them.

We have a tenant that had a significant water leak in their suite. Once notified of the leak, we immediately contacted SERVPRO, who dispatched technicians to the tenant’s suite. Our tenant was thrilled with the work completed by SERVPRO. They said that the technicians were very professional and that they completed the cleanup with minimal noise and distraction to their employees. We will definitely be using SERVPRO again.

The employees with whom I came in contact were professional and friendly. The service was quick and thorough.

SERVPRO of West Orange is always quick and efficient. I really appreciate how they make sure to keep me updated during every step of the project.

Their staff was very helpful. I enjoyed working with their estimator to complete my job.

I was extremely happy with Cam, the technician that handled my loss from SERVPRO. He was always very prompt and knowledgeable and made the process easy to get through with his assistance.