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Lets Talk About Water Removal Equipment and Practices

1/5/2022 (Permalink)

A technician extracting water from a carpeted living room. Our Technicians are highly trained to employ the correct equipment and procedures to dry your home or business.

Water intrusion into a building can happen in many ways. Removing the water from the building fast is crucial after such an incident to restore normalcy and prevent secondary damages. The level of difficulty varies in each case of water removal depending on whether there are crawlspaces, stairwells, and basements, or whether the water reaches into wall cavities or HVAC systems.

The method chosen for water removal from affected properties depends on the amount of water and the types of surfaces. We train our SERVPRO crews with different removal procedures including;

  • Wet vacuuming
  • Pumping
  • Draining
  • Absorption with towels and mops

Wet vacuuming requires an extractor with enough lift capacity. Truck-mounted extractors provide such lift when dealing with a vast area. Our SERVPRO technicians also use portable extractors to remove water localized in smaller spaces or when dealing with hard to reach areas. Wet vacuuming is suitable for all floor types. Our technicians use carpet wands for carpeted areas and squeegee wands for wooden or other hard floors to avoid damaging the surfaces.

Pumping helps remove water from the affected property. Pumping is perfect for eliminating high volumes of standing water before starting wet vacuuming. It is, therefore, appropriate for areas such as basements where considerable amounts of water accumulate. For better efficiency, our SERVPRO technicians use submersible pumps when standing water is more than 2 inches.

Some of the water that intrudes into the house might end up trapped in unusual areas such as the ceiling, HVAC duct lines, wall cavities, or within a concrete block. The best way to remove such water is by draining it because, in most cases, there is no access for tools to extract the water. Our SERVPRO technicians apply different methods to drain the water. For example, we can drill ¼-inch weep holes on a ceiling panel or concrete block to release the trapped water.

Fast and efficient removal of water from a building helps prevent severe damages. Call SERVPRO of West Orange at (407) 352-1569 to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Top Reasons for Using Your Local SERVPRO

1/5/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO crews unloading equipment from a truck at a job site. SERVPRO of West Orange crews are ready to be on site quickly to help you!

Natural disasters can damage your home. It can lead a lot of stress. Hiring a home restoration service can handle problems. There are so many different types of natural disasters that affect this area and you need to hire for a restoration service such as SERVPRO of West Orange. 


Professional Restoration Service Company extracts water fast because they handle professional equipment. With small team of water restoration experts, the water will be removed from your home on the same day. You won’t need a lot of time, effort and manpower.


A Restoration Service Company will not just repairing the damage to your house. Service restoration expert will take care of preventing mold and moisture that compromise your health. Hiring a professional company is going to be your best bet when dealing with mold. This is because they have the tools and knowledge to handle this problem. They are licensed to use chemical products which will extract the existing mold and moisture from your walls and floors.


A major issue with water damage removal is a drying time. You might take several days or even weeks to properly dry your house if you choose to remove the water by yourself. A professional restoration service company will do this in a much less time because they have equipment and heaters that access even to the areas which cannot be easily reached.


Hiring a professional service company will lower total damage costs because their teams are highly responsive to emergency calls. They will be able to come even before a major damage occurs. They will react fast and solve the damage from spreading around your house.


Aside from physical damage, water and fire can cause additional damage. If you do not have insurance, you will have to pay for the new furniture and structural repairing by yourself. Restoration services encompass removal, repair, restoration and remediation of damage; you won’t have to hire several different companies to repair the damage.


A professional restoration service company should be highly responsive to calls; in order to prevent the further damage, they will act instantly. This won’t just save you time, but it will minimize the potential damage and reduce costs.

If you are searching for a professional service company that is reliable you can trust and can guarantee you highest quality work, contact SERVPRO of West Orange, a trusted leader in restoration industry, it provides services to ensure that your home is fully restored. Trusting SERVPRO of West Orange to do the job is having your family safe at home again.

If you have water damage anywhere in your home you can count on us to help. You can contact us at any hour of the day to learn more about our services or to report damages.

Why SERVPRO of West Orange?

1/3/2022 (Permalink)

We know you have a choice when it comes to who will help you with your home or business after a water or fire damage. There are many reasons why SERVPRO of West Orange should be at the top of your list. Here are just a few.

  1. The team at SERVPRO of West Orange has been providing services to a large majority of Central Florida for over 35 years. That means you get the experience of a dedicated team who has many years of experience.
  2. We have a large warehouse full of equipment to help you! No matter how large or small the job is we will have the equipment necessary to take care of your job.
  3. Many of our team members have been with us for a long time. What’s a long time? Our GM has been with us nearly 30 years, with many others serving our customers for at least 10 years.
  4. Our staff is IICRC Certified. These certifications don’t stop with our production team. Many of our office staff are also certified through the IICRC with various certifications. This means that we have many different people who can help you deal with your loss and any questions you may have.

It is important to us that our community receives the best help available for any disaster. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We have a dedicated Customer Support Coordinator that will help to answer any questions you may have. You can reach our office at 407-352-1569 or you can reach Christen Albert, our Customer Support Coordinator at 407-947-1159.

Musings from a SERVPRO Employee

1/3/2022 (Permalink)

When most people think of SERVPRO they think of our big green trucks and the orange house logo. When I think of SERVPRO I think of a job that became a career, coworkers that became family. To me, SERVPRO became a brand that I love being a part of. My kids are proud of the work we do here. I’m sure you’re thinking “oh that’s wonderful, but why do I care?”

In my experience, when a person cares about the company they work for, they perform better. What does that mean for our customers? We do our best to help YOU! Our core team has been in place for many years. Our GM has been with us nearly 30 years! That is just one example, but many are over 10 years, some nearly 20 years. That is a LOT of experience in place to help our customers. Our daily focus is on taking care of a problem you didn’t want to have to deal with and making the process as simple as possible.

Our production team is on call 24/7/365. Yes, even holidays. This past weekend, 1/1/2022 we dispatched crews for 3 separate water losses. Our crews didn’t complete work on the last job until 1AM on 1/2/22! Not only is SERVPRO committed to having the best staff in the business, we are committed to being the best servants for our community here in Central Florida.

Another thing that really sets us apart is our ability to call in reinforcements. Because of our franchise system we have the backing of thousands of other offices. From personnel to equipment we are always ready to offer help to our sister franchises, and that same willingness is extended from the other franchises to us, making it so that no matter what, we can take care of your situation.

Our team of emergency responders may not be busy saving lives, but we are busy saving homes and businesses one job at a time. We make “Like it never even happened” happen.

Contributed by Christen Albert, our Customer Support Coordinator. 

Orlando Trusts SERVPRO For Restoration Needs

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

Orlando City Skyline SERVPRO of West Orange loves the City of Orlando and it's residents.

Most people think of Disney World when they hear Orlando. But, there are tons more to this area of Florida than that.

The town known as Jernigan was established in 1843 and incorporated in 1885, shortly after the Seminole War.

The final name of the city Orlando is thought to have come from the Shakespeare play As You Like It. Others believe the name has origins from a soldier names Orlando Reeves. This is widely dismissed as folklore in modern times.

Oranges Create a Boom in Orlando

In the 1800's, Orlando became a area known for citrus production in Florida. An unprecedented freeze hit the area in 1895 and forced many of the smaller orange and grapefruit growers out of business as they could not absorb the loss. Currently Florida is still known for producing large quantities of the American breakfast staple. 

DoD Attracts Jobs in Orlando

World War II caused the local municipal airport to be converted into Orlando Army Air Base. This led to a new airport getting built and quickly getting changed into Pinecastle Air Force Base (Later renamed to McCoy).

With the establishment of the bases, Martin Marietta, now known as Lockheed Martin, built a significant aerospace defense plant during the post-WWII growth period in 1956 and hired a large segment of the local population to work I'm the facility. 

The Cruise Industry Loves Orlando

The Beachline Expressway gives residents easy passage to get to Port Canaveral, a popular cruise ship terminal. Another large scale employer in the area is the Kennedy Space Center. 

Walt Disney World in Orlando

When Walt Disney announced in 1965, he intended to build a theme park in Orlando, shifting the focus for vendors in the city to get involved in the marketplace's tourism sector. After breaking ground shortly after his announcement, Walt Disney World opened in October 1971. There are as many jobs in the tourism industry as in the tech and agriculture sectors, and this area of Florida boasts more theme parks and attractions than any other place on earth. 

Top Attractions in Orlando

Along with the Magic Kingdom that takes more than a day to see most of it, there are many venues for people to visit, such as Orlando Studios, where there is an ever-changing group of rides, shows, and more. Seaworld is another massive draw for tourists and locals alike. With killer whales, dolphins, seals, and more, this venue introduces attendees to a host of cool experiences to interact with animals. To compete with that, Disney opened up an Animal Kingdom. It allows visitors to have encounters with exotic animals, with over 2000 animals consisting of 300 unique species. 

There are a vast number of outdoor activities to engage in for residents and tourists alike. Hiking season is available all year round. Great places to hike in the Orlando area include: 

  • Rock Springs 
  • Kelly Park
  • Winter Garden

Stand-up paddle boarding is an activity that is uniquely Floridian. There are several venues throughout the city where paddleboards can get rented, and some come with instructors that teach users how to stand up and paddle. For anyone that loves a faster pace, there are ample areas to engage in ziplining.

Hurricanes in Orlando

Because the city of Orlando is further inland, it sometimes avoids the wrath of hurricanes and tropical storms. However, the city is no stranger to the destructive power of hurricane-force winds. Flash flooding can also be an issue requiring local property owners to get their homes and businesses professionally extracted and dried. The year-round temperatures are mild in the winter, with the average low reaching the low 50s and the highs in the 90s. 

SERVPRO of West Orange provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs.

SERVPRO of West Orange services all cities in and around Orange County including, including, 34786, 34787, 32836, 32830, 34761 and many more. 

Top Things to do During the Christmas Season in Orlando

12/3/2020 (Permalink)

Christmas Lights There are still plenty of things to do for Christmas in Orlando!

The holidays in Orlando  are going to look a little different this year and if you are anything like us, you want a safe and fun way to make the season feel a little more special. So these are 5 socially distanced activities that should totally put you in the holiday spirits!

1. Give Kids the World Night of a Million Lights

- Give Kids The World Village in Kissimmee will open its gates to the public – offering a look into the special non-profit resort that fulfills the wishes of critically ill children from around the world. Now through Sunday, January 3, 2021, visitors can experience the wonder of the Village during Night of a Million Lights, a holiday light spectacular.

2. Holiday Movies at Enzian Theater 

- Throughout the month of December, the Enzian Theater in Maitland, FL will be playing a variety of holiday movies, sure you lift he spirits of all Orlando residents. 

3. Christmas at Gaylord Palms Resort 

- Explore acres of beautiful lights and decorations and amazing holiday activities throughout the resort, with exciting shows from Cirque and a The Grinch as well as a Snow Factory Experience! 

SERVPRO of West Orange services all cities in and around Orange County including, Windermere, Winter Garden, Ocoee, Dr. Phillips, Bay Lake, Lake Buena Vista and many more. 

Funky Smell in Orlando?

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Girl holding nose from foul smell We have odor removal down to a science in Orlando.

Slay that funky smell!

Bad odors are caused by various sources and are known to be associated with fire and water damage. Smoke and soot leave behind powerful odors that cling to everything: furniture, clothes, bedding, carpets, throw pillows, and other porous materials. Water damage causes many odors: sewage backups have their own pungent odor, and water leaks can also introduce a variety of musty smells including mildew.

Fortunately, SERVPRO of West Orange has odor removal down to a science, and our technicians have the training, experience, and equipment necessary to identify and eliminate offensive odors in your Orlando home. Here is a list of some of the most common household odors:

  • Stinky dishwasher
  • Dirty garbage disposal
  • Dirty refrigerator
  • Stinky, dirty carpet
  • Soiled upholstery
  • Dirty dog odor
  • Dirty cat box odor
  • Rodents in the attic
  • Old cigarette smell
  • Cooked food smell
  • New furniture (VOC smell)
  • Smelly clothes closet
  • Musty mildew
  • Gross bathroom smell
  • Stinky front-loading washing machine
  • Stinky mud room

Call Us!

When your home or commercial business needs odor removal assistance, SERVPRO of West Orange is Here to Help. ® Call us at 407-352-1569. We’ll identify and eliminate your awful odor problem in Orlando, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO West Orange is proud to serve communities all over central Florida including, 34786, 34787, 32836, 32830, 34761 and many more. 

What is Open in Orlando?

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Photo of the 3 main theme parks The Fun Never Stops in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – Is one of the largest tourist areas in the world and were proud to say there are still plenty of things to do here! 

Businesses are taking extra precautions and steps to have you enjoy a safe visit in the safest way possible. 

Here is a list of local attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios with some tips for your visit! 

Disney Springs, City Walk and Icon Park are among a few of the places where residents can visit once again, but since the state as a whole is taking a phased approach, they won’t be operating like they were pre-pandemic.

Check out the list below of things open in Central Florida:

Theme Parks:

Universal Orlando: Beginning June 5, all three of Universal’s Orlando theme parks will open. Masks and temperature checks will be required for all guests. Read more here.

Disney World: Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom will open July 11, followed by Epcot and Hollywood Studios on July 15. Read more here.

SeaWorld Orlando: SeaWorld, along with Aquatica and Discovery Cove, will begin reopening June 11. Read more here.

Local Orlando Attractions: 

Topgolf Orlando: Topgolf is open with some new changes. Employees will wear masks, gloves and need to pass health screenings. Dividers have been installed between bays and the area will be disinfected after every group. Read more here.

Fun Spot: The attraction’s Orlando location is accepting guests once again. Staggered seating on rides and enhanced safety measures will be noticeable. The Kissimmee location remains closed for now. Read more here.

The Wheel: Formerly know as the Orlando Eye, The Wheel will reopen June 3 and for their time being, each party will get their own private capsule. Read more here.

Madame Tussauds Orlando: Explore wax figures galore at this International Drive attraction. Adult tickets are $20 if you buy online in advance. Read more here.

Orlando Starflyer: The 450-foot swing ride on I-Drive is open. In a tweet, the attraction said CDC guidelines will be followed. Read more here.

ICON Park: Many restaurants are beginning to open, including Yard House, Tapa Toro, Tin Roof and Sugar Factory. Those are in addition to Madame Tussauds and Sea Life, which are also in ICON Park. Read more here.

Island H2O Live!: The Central Florida water park is open with limited capacity. Guests are encouraged to wear masks between rides but they won’t be allowed to on rides due to safety concerns. Read more here.

Wall Crawl Orlando: Snap some Insta-worthy pictures at this interactive experience with sets painted by a variety of artists. Wall Crawl is limiting capacity to 10 people per session and tickets must be purchased in advance. Read more here.

Disney Springs: While the theme parks remain closed, Disney’s shopping and dining district is open. Guests will need to pass a temperature check before being allowed inside. Read more here.

Universal’s CityWalk: CityWalk was the first theme park-related property to open in Central Florida. Select restaurants and shops are accepting guests but do expect a temperature check and limited parking and hours. Read more here

Central Florida Zoo: The zoo will operate daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with limited capacity. Tickets must be purchased in advance and groups sizes need to be limited to 10 people or fewer. Read more here.

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games: The Universal Boulevard go-kart racing is back open with new sanitation and hygiene measures in place. The ropes course is temporarily unavailable but all other areas are accepting guests. Read more here.

ICEBAR Orlando: Guests can cool down and grab a drink and a bite to eat at this I-Drive ice-themed attraction. All areas will operate at 25% capacity and guests will need a timed-entry ticket. Read more here.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex: The visitor complex launched its reopening on May 28. Guests will need to pass a temperature check and wear a mask. The Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour will be closed but all other areas will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Read more here.

K1 Speed: With all-electric karts and an indoor track, K1 Speed is open once again. Face coverings are required for everyone and karts and helmets will be sanitized before each use. Read more here.

Margaritaville Resort Orlando: The entire resort, including The Margaritaville Cottages and The Promenade, are back open and some deals are being offered to entice guests to book an overnight stay. Read more here.

WonderWorks Orlando: The I-Drive attraction will be open again starting May 29. Social distancing will be required and employees will need to wear masks, although guests don’t have to. Read more here.

Orlando Museum of Art: OMA will open its doors to members only June 2 through June 4 and welcome back the general public starting June 9. Read more here.

Polasek Museum: The Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens reopened its sculpture garden June 2 and its indoor gallery June 9. Masks will be required and capacity will be limited. Read more here.

Why SERVPRO is the First Choice for Water, Fire, Storm, and Mold Damage Restoration Needs

11/16/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Logo When disasters cause home and commercial restoration emergencies, remember SERVPRO is always available for your restoration needs.

Why Orlando Residents can Act Decisively Against Storm, Mold, Fire or Water Damages

Orlando residents use restoration services when unexpected home emergencies occur. By doing so, they can often save thousands of dollars in potential secondary damages that may occur as a result of improper or home restoration services. Our company has been a stalwart in the community of Orlando  for several years. It partakes in regular donations of both money and time to charity missions like clothing drives or children's shelters. Throughout the year, our servicemen and women are on-hand to help you overcome an emergency with minimum inconvenience and expense. Contact us anytime to arrange restoration services for water, mold, storm, or fire-related damages.

Water Damage Restoration

Homeowners may experience water damage in their Orlando home at any time of year. These can be either in the form of excessive quantities of moisture in a short period overloading a home's defenses, or long-term problems creeping up over several months. Whether your Orlando home falls victim to flooding or a slow internal leaking, our water restoration technicians (WRT) are on-hand to provide the assistance you need. SERVPRO is available twenty-four-hours a day and even runs an out-of-hours service for emergencies.

Water incidents in your property can cause a chain reaction of interrelated issues. These issues may include problems with odor, microbial bacteria, fungi, or soiling of your possessions. SERVPRO restoration services are comprehensive in their approach to your Orlando home and can stop damage as well as putting in place proven methods to reverse it. Usually, we start by thoroughly removing water from the property, then drying using proper drying methods.

Bringing venting box fans to your Orlando home, as well as the careful placement of portable heating, can help to encourage natural evaporation. Natural evaporation is useful in removing moisture that may have absorbed into furnishings, upholstery, or flooring. Using moisture probes, SERVPRO can accurately assess the moisture content of any given material and can keep returning during the restoration service to ensure reaching our goals.

Mold Remediation

Indoor air quality is becoming increasingly prominent in the restoration service industry. Often, homeowners are surprised by quite how many toxins can exist in a home environment. The issue is especially pertinent in homeowners that have mold damage in their Orlando homes. Molds breed by releasing microscopic spores into the surrounding atmosphere. These spores can cause unpleasant odors as well as ingestion when inhaling indoor air. SERVPRO takes decisive action during mold remediation to ensure the spread is limited and your air-quality restored.

Setting up containment is an essential part of the restoration. Usually, an area of your Orlando home that shows evidence of mold growth needs quarantining. The removal of mold colonies or demolition of infested materials increases airborne spores. SERVPRO applies negative air pressure when performing controlled demolitions to ensure that the spread of spores is under control. Also, we may use physical barriers such as polyurethane sheeting to prevent microscopic spores from escaping.

Airborne particles are frequently invisible to the naked eye. This invisibility makes it challenging for a homeowner to assess or act against unwanted indoor air particles. Using high-efficiency particulate air-filters (HEPA), SERVPRO technicians can remove particles from the air that are as small as 0.3 microns. Air scrubbing equipment combined with deodorizing methods saves time on the turnaround of your restoration service.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storms can expose your home to outdoor elements as well as pathogens that may enter in floodwaters. Extraction is the most effective method of controlling storm damage in your Orlando home. However, to be truly useful, you need to combine rapid extraction with careful cleaning and drying. At SERVPRO, we often find homeowners suffering from microbial growth or mold issues traced back to initial flooding several weeks or months before.

Our restoration services focus on a complete, thorough approach to both removal and drying of moisture in your Orlando home. When water is extracted and dried, it can leave behind microbes or stain on the flooring materials of your home. We use rotary floor machines to both loosen soiling from hard surfaces and apply pre-conditioning agents to soft ones like carpets. Rotary machines not only help to dislodge severe soiling but can help to buffer floors and leave them in a preloss condition.

Flooding as a result of stormy conditions can seem unfair. SERVPRO can help you to redress the balance by providing expert, Orlando-based technicians who can complete the job on time and on-budget. If the damage necessitates relocation temporarily, we can perform the vital mitigation tasks needed to prevent your home from suffering permanent damage in the interim period. SERVPRO restoration services are available to all residents of Orlando in an emergency.

Fire Damage Restoration

If your heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system are on, it can cause extensive fire damage to your Orlando home. Air entering the supply side can overload filters causing hot smokes to travel through ventilation shafts. Return side outlets can then end up spewing soots, odor, and ash into unaffected regions of the house. SERVPRO restoration services incorporate a comprehensive game plan for HVAC inspection, cleaning, and replacement of ventilation ducts.

Hot smokes are attracted to cooler surfaces, which include the metal insides of a ventilation shaft. These can deposit thick soiling onto the inner sides of an HVAC system, which can be challenging and technical to clean. SERVPRO restoration services here in Orlando can remove both return and supply-side air ducts to carry out in-depth inspections. Using air whips, we can dislodge loose soiling, which can then vacuum out using negative air pressure machines. Cleaning of the interior closest to the wall- where soiling builds up- can be cleaned using water and oil-based solvents.

Once your HVAC is clean, we can begin to perform repairs. Cavities opened with a circular drill for negative air pressure machine access can be resealed using aluminum plating. We can replace ducts in every room inexpensively. Return side ventilation filters need replacing to ensure that odor remains under control, and your home brought to a preloss condition.

Home emergencies are unexpected and, at times, seem unfair. Contact SERVPRO of West Orange at (407) 352-1569 for assistance with mold, storm, fire, or water-related incidents.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

11/6/2020 (Permalink)

When the country begins to reopen, we'll all have a feeling of uncertainty going into spaces we used to have no worries about. The grocery store, a restaurant, your own cubicle are all spaces that we used to frequent. At SERVPRO of West Orange we are offering our disinfectant services to ease employee and customers minds about entering places of business. Within the city we have a responsibility to take care of our fellow neighbors. 

Practicing preventative cleaning for reopening is imperative. When SERVPRO of West Orange comes into your space we are able to disinfect your space with EPA approved products. With the volume of calls coming in, we want to make sure you have the proper service. Because of this, we are scheduling several weeks in advance, as we understand these are unforeseen times. We plan to lead you through every step of the way. 

We are providing disinfecting services for COVID-19 as well as general detailed cleanings for unoccupied homes collecting dust. 

Our Disinfectant services include:

  • Ultra Low Volume (ULV) misting or electrostatic spray of certain affected areas with EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant. This mist will eradicate any aerosolized particles allowing for a safer entry of decontamination personnel.
  • Electrostatic spray application of EPA Approved Hospital Grade disinfectant. Positively charged ions are produced within the chemical which adhere to surfaces in the affected area. This ensures total coverage of the affected area. 
  • Surface wiping of critical contact areas. Fixtures, keyboards, phones, door handles, certain contents within the affected area are hand wiped. A 5-10 minute dwell time should be allowed post wipe down. Walls up to a height of approximately 5’ throughout traffic areas.
  • Technicians will wear half face respirators with P100 filters, coveralls, goggles and nitrile gloves.

Since many homes have been vacant for some time, we also offer a detailed floor to ceiling deep cleaning, from base molding to crown molding including: content manipulation, steam cleaning of drapes, carpets and upholstered furniture if needed. We would clean every square foot leaving your home in immaculate condition. 

In addition, you would receive a dedicated team, seal of approval, an email update of job progress with photos of our crew onsite. Lastly, we will create an Emergency Ready Profile customized to your property as supplemental guidance for response protocol in the event of an emergency. We are available 24/7, 365 days out of the year. Any questions please call SERVPRO of West Orange, 407-352-1569

What Can You Learn From a Mold Inspection?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

Photo of different mold spores Mold spores exist naturally everywhere.

Mold spores are everywhere, but sufficient moisture and food are necessary for colonies to form. A mold inspection can identify whether significant amounts of fungi are present in a building in Orlando, FL. Here are several important insights this inspection can provide to a prospective buyer of commercial property.

The Condition of a Building

A general building inspection should identify the presence of visible mold. Mold can also be hidden in a variety of locations:

  • Around pipes
  • Behind walls
  • Beneath paneling
  • Inside air ducts
  • On top of ceiling tiles
  • Under flooring
  • Under wallpaper

A musty odor often indicates the presence of hidden mold. General inspectors may recommend a mold inspection, or prospective buyers can seek out this additional measure. Air or surface testing for the presence of spores or microbial volatile organic compounds released during the growth cycle of fungus will improve the accuracy of an inspection.

Whether Mold Is Active or Inactive
Once mold starts to grow in a building, the infestation will not go away without cleaning and remediation. Controlling indoor humidity can render mold inactive, but a major mold problem may be more likely if moisture levels rise again. An inspection should locate and identify fungi at any point of the growth cycle.

Potential Water Damage Problems
Timely and thorough restoration work should eliminate most of the visible signs of past water damage in a commercial building. Mold growth might still persist in areas prone to developing leaks. While inspecting a structure for mold is costly, the results may be worthwhile for determining whether a property is a sound investment.
A mold inspection is helpful for determining the condition of a commercial property in Orlando, FL, particularly if the structure has suffered water damage in the past. Mold infestations may be more likely in the future if damage has not been properly restored and underlying issues addressed.

Can Businesses Recover After a Property Fire?

10/19/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is a Leading Supplier of Fire Damage Cleanup Services for Orlando Businesses. We Can Mitigate Loss, Dispose of Debris, and Restore your Building to its Previous Condition after a Fire

How does a business recover from a premises fire?

A fire in your Orlando company premises can cause vast amounts of stress, lost revenues, and business interruption. SERVPRO offers support to commercial enterprises in San Jose by providing expert fire and smoke damage restoration technicians (FRST) to clear debris, materials, and odors. Business insurance may cover any lost revenues during a temporary closure, while a separate fire insurance plan can frequently cover any material expense of a cleanup operation. We have experience working closely with commercial insurance adjusters and can even help you complete a 'stress-free' claim.

How does fire recovery start for commercial businesses?

The beginning of any commercial fire damage cleanup operation in Orlando is with an expert assessment. Fires cause multiple types of damage to a building and its contents, including structural harm, contents damages, smoke soiling, odors, and impacting electrical circuits and other areas. Water that is commonly used in controlling a fire can also cause further harm to a business, mainly when coming into contact with porous materials like fabrics. We accurately assess these damages using a test-kit to produce a verbal estimate for your insurance adjuster. Once confirmed, we could begin work right away.

What processes take place during fire inspections?

  • Examining the type and chemical composition of smoke damages in the property
  • Sorting materials into non-salvageable and salvageable categories
  • Providing safe working spaces for further restoration in the property

How do professional fire restoration services minimize business interruption?

We know that each day your fire damaged Orlando business is closed, you lose revenue, clients, and leads. Our team's goal is to work efficiently to minimize business interruption. In some events, we may be able to perform restoration while the business services resume. A kitchen flue fire in a bar, for example, can often be restored while some of the business services remain in place. In these circumstances, SERVPRO technicians can place warning signs and establish engineering controls to ensure that customers or staff know the potential hazards. When fire damages are confined to a single location, it may be possible to continue your business operation during restoration.

Is deodorization possible while businesses remain open?

Fire odors can persist even after the flames are extinguished. Like pellets or direct spraying, some deodorization forms can often occur while workers or staff remain in the building. If extensive damages require an ultra-low volume (ULV) thermal fogger to fumigate the property, it may be unsafe to stay in the building. Fogging equipment can be harmful to health. After fogging the premises, our technicians set up powerful box fans to perform an air-exchange with outside air. This ventilation method aims to exchange air up to fifty times before a premise is declared safe to resume business. One advantage of using a ULV fogger is that deodorization times are kept to a minimum.

What services do a professional restoration service provider for businesses?

  • Organizing fire debris removal and disposal (ordering dumpsters, safely removing burnt contents, and responsible disposal at a waste facility)
  • Contents management, whether for on-site or off-site restoration.
  • Cleaning and restoration of salvageable materials
  • Replacement and reinstallation of non-salvageable materials

Can odors always be removed from burnt premises?

Some fire odors may be cost-inefficient to eliminate. However, these odors can often be trapped within the material they occupy and become no longer noticeable to those in your business. Semi-porous materials used in your building's assembly can absorb odor particles- especially in high-pressure fires. Solid woods, for example, can soak odor particles into the wood grain. In these situations, since replacing the wood is expensive, SERVPRO can repaint it with an odor sealant. Odor sealants trap odors while providing a smooth base coat for repainting. SERVPRO crew chiefs make restoration decisions with your business in mind. Our conclusions are based on time-efficiency, cost-efficiency, and industry-leading training.

How do fire restoration technicians restore Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning (HVAC) Systems?

  • Inspecting the system by removing ducts, using a circular drill for piping and supply vents to assess interior walls of the HVAC
  • Feeding specially designed agitative equipment like air whips into the vents to loosen or dislodge soils
  • Applying powerful negative air pressure to the vents to draw any dislodged soils from inside
  • Replacing supply-side filters and return side venting ducts throughout your business

An unexpected fire can throw your business plans into havoc. Contact SERVPRO of West Orange at (407) 352-1569 today.

How Can Homeowners Salvage Wet Carpet After a Faucet Overflow?

10/19/2020 (Permalink)

Drying equipment setup in home SERVPRO of West Orange is prepared to keep your home looking, “Like it never even happened.”

IICRC-Certified Restoration Technicians at SERVPRO Perform Water Cleanup in Orlando That Restores Carpeting

No matter how careful Orlando residents are with their fixtures, accidents happen. A bathtub overflow can quickly saturate flooring and drywall in your bathroom, as well as hallway carpet. Without fast action, this moisture can delaminate bathroom flooring, damage your drywall, and create unpleasant odors from mold that can be costly to remediate.

SERVPRO is prepared to provide water cleanup for Orlando residents that restores their property and contents to a preloss condition. This team’s cleanup services also include structural restoration for components like carpet, drywall, and subfloors that have been compromised by water damage and microbial growth.
What Prepares SERVPRO Techs to Render Cleanup Services?

Certification and training. SERVPRO staff, franchise owners, and technicians alike undergo extensive, hands-on training, as well as self-paced online learning modules to further hone cleanup and restoration knowledge.

Restoration industry accreditation. Your local SERVPRO and the professionals therein are Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified, meaning that they can consistently meet the standards put forth for the restoration industry at large.

Additional credit and non-credit courses. These courses are targeted at SERVPRO staff as well as real estate and insurance professionals who wish to expand their knowledge regarding disaster cleanup and restoration. Available classes include:
    •    Water Damage Restoration
    •    Fire Damage Restoration
    •    Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry
    •    Restorative Drying for Loss Control
    •    A non-credit Mitigation Awareness Response Seminar

How Does SERVPRO Restore Water-Damaged Carpet?
SERVPRO technicians focus on careful extraction for carpeting to prevent it from separating from the pad when possible. Extraction can be performed with wands, wet/dry vacuums, and heavy-duty rover vacuums. Techs can tent carpet and erect polyethylene drying chambers to ensure that it is thoroughly dried before reinstallation.

SERVPRO of West Orange is prepared to keep your home looking, “Like it never even happened.” Call (407) 352-1569 for rapid-response emergency mitigation services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We Have the Solutions!

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of West Orange has the unique ability to help property owners in a variety of ways. Disasters come in many shapes and sizes. With over three decades of experience we have seen most everything. We cannot say everything because even in the decades of helping our neighbors in the Orlando, FL Area, we still see new things. But here are a few disasters we commonly take care of.

Water Damage – We see water damages from all kinds of sources. Busted pipes, malfunctioning appliances, human accidents or neglect, and ground flooding to name a few common sources. No matter the cause, or the epic story that explains it, we have a solution to return you to normal “Like it never even happened.”

Fire and Smoke Restoration – A fire can be very a huge inconvenience but it is not the end of the world. Many times, you would be surprised at how much of your personal property can be restored. We specialize in cleaning and deodorizing anything from family heirlooms, documents, to the very walls in your home or business.

Mold Remediation – With naturally high levels of humidity in the area of the country we live in mold can be an issue if a water intrusion is not properly taken care of. 

Bio Hazard Clean Up – This area of our work is not enjoyable to talk about but many times it is necessary. We have the training and experience to properly clean up any area they may have the threat of blood born pathogens being present. These cases include trauma and crime scene clean up.

These are by no means the only services we offer. Frankly, whatever mankind or mother nature can throw at a structure, we can more than likely assist in the restoration.

SERVPRO Professionals Give Tips for Drying Water Damaged Hardwood Floors in Orlando

12/5/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors Water damaged hardwood flooring calls for special drying techniques. We have the equipment and experience to restore your floors.

Methods for Restoring Damp Hardwood in Orlando Homes 

As a standard of an installed flooring type as hardwood has been over the decades, it is as prevalent in modern construction as it was at Orlando's founding in 1885. Restoring these flooring types requires a continual commitment to the latest technologies and advancements in the recovery industry. Our SERVPRO team has multiple strategies for handling moisture-damaged hardwood flooring without defaulting to reinstalling new material.  

While admittedly, controlled demolition is an option, there are other ways that we can attempt to manage water damage in Orlando's homes before choosing that approach. Wood flooring can get composed of dozens of different species of trees with varying dimensions, porosities, and properties. The best approach for one of these materials might be impossible for another, so these conditions and their respective restoration strategies get determined during the scoping phase led by our project management and crew chief. There are options regarding the controlled drying needs of installed hardwood flooring ahead of demolition and re-installation.  

Sopping and Surface Drying 

Depending on the speed with which our SERVPRO professionals arrive and the density of the affected surface, water penetration could be slow. Under the right conditions, our team might only need to clear out surface water and dry up the noticeable damage to return your home to its original condition.  

Drying Mats  

These specialty drying tools can prove vital in situations where water has begun to soak into the planks and might have reached the subflooring and supports beneath the plank surface. These mats get positioned perpendicular to the installation of the plank seams to maximize their effects on the flooring.  

Monitored Tenting 

Using lay-flat poly sheeting, our technicians can seal around a damaged flooring area so that focused drying efforts, including the use of the drying mats, can have a more deliberate and unhindered removal of moisture. Because of the faster draw of moisture from the plank, we continually monitor humidity and moisture content to ensure that wood flooring does not become overly dry and damaged.  

Hardwood can be a problematic flooring type to care for after an emergency, but our SERVPRO of West Orange team is here to help 24/7 by calling (407) 352-1569. 

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Why SERVPRO is the First Choice for Environmentally Friendly Water Damage Restoration in Orlando

11/15/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Truck and Car Did you know that SERVVPRO uses environmentally friendly products for home restoration? We use products that are safe and effective.

Why SERVPRO Is The Best Answer For Environmentally-Conscious Water Damage Remediation In Orlando 

When you own a home, it is best to understand how to deal with water damage should a situation arise. Whether you have a leaking pipe in the bathroom or a flooded kitchen due to an appliance malfunction, getting to the source of the problem is crucial. The professionals can pinpoint the heart of the issue and get remediation underway to help reduce the amount of damage that takes hold. 

Something that sets our water damage professionals in Orlando apart from the rest is that we have perfected the removal and remediation process. We use powerful tools for extraction, cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting to get your home back to normal fast. 

The SERVPRO Advantage 

Water cleanup involves a variety of approaches to get the job done. We work to remove water, clean up the residue, remove any debris, and use specialized technology. Protecting our client’s environment is our main focus, which has helped us to develop industrial-grade solvents and cleaning agents for speedy results. Such products like Benefect cleansers allow us to clean out water-damaged homes in a variety of ways. 

-   Environmentally Friendly – The last thing we want to bring into your home are harsh chemical agents that are bad for you and the environment. We use botanically-based products with ingredients like citric acid and thymol that naturally degrade.-   Less Odor – Many commercial cleaning products have strong, hazardous odors. SERVPRO makes use of botanicals whenever possible to get the desired level of clean in the most pleasant manner possible.

-   Cleaning Power – Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to use harsh chemicals to get high-quality results. Botanicals, when formulated correctly, can give high-level cleaning results throughout your water damaged home. 

Are you concerned about dealing with water damage in the most environmentally way possible? Call our professional team at SERVPRO of West Orange today at (407) 352-1569, and we can discuss your options. 

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Little Known Ways to Remediate Water Damage in Your Orlando Home

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

white pipe burst leaking water Use SERVPRO to mitigate water damage and your home will thank you.

Get Fast Water Extraction for Your Orlando Home

Florida residents may know always to be prepared for flooding from storm systems and hurricanes. Still, small faucet leaks and damaged pipes can pose significant risks to your home, no matter how prepared you may be. Even a small pipe leak can introduce dozens of gallons of water into your home every day. If left unchecked, this can create conditions where mold and other microbes can thrive and compromise your structure.

If you need a professional team that can offer you rapid water extraction in Orlando, SERVPRO is a phone call away from coming to your home within hours. Technicians can get to work removing moisture from surfaces as well as from structural materials in your home. Advanced technologies, such as infrared cameras and thermohygrometers, can be used to ensure that your home gets the care it needs in tandem with EPA-registered disinfectants.

Indications of Water Damage Behind Walls

There are several signs to look for that can indicate a pipe leak behind a wall. If you suspect that you may have water damage behind a structure in your home, keep an eye out for these signs:

  • A distinctly wet, musty odor
  • Visible mold growth or discernible odors on walls and baseboards
  • Visible staining on walls and ceilings that is often brown
  • Bubbling or peeling paint and wallpaper 
  • Walls, floors, and ceilings can warp, buckle, and eventually give way under pressure

How SERVPRO Can Restore Your Home

When you call your local SERVPRO team, they can take great care to restore your items after water damage takes place. Portable extraction wands can be used to get into structures and remove water after baseboards have been moved. Holes may be drilled into sagging ceilings to allow for easier removal of moisture and facilitate drying. 

If you have hardwood floors in your home, boards can be removed and replaced after cleaning for small leaks. In more saturated areas, large mats can be placed over floors to contain moisture and make it easier to extract moisture. Floors can then be dried with carefully-placed centrifugal air movers and low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers. This local team also has a mold remediation license (#MRSR868) to take care of mold growth after water damage has affected your home. 

SERVPRO of West Orange can ensure that your residence looks, "Like it never even happened." When disaster strikes in your home, call (407) 352-1569, and you can have a team at your residence within hours.

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How SERVPRO Supports Local Orlando Properties with Restoration Services

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

City with water and palm trees and buildings. We have the knowledge, certificates, equipment, and so much more to help your Orlando community.

Let SERVPRO show you ‘’Why’’ we are the ones for your Orlando property damages.

When the day comes that you need restoration services in your Orlando residence, it can feel overwhelming to find a local service that has the certifications and equipment to clean and restore your property — many types of damage overlap with each other. For example, water damage often accompanies fire damage, and mold growth has the potential to be a consequence if not adequately mitigated. 

Cleanup of Water Damage

When an Orlando home receives water damage, fast action is the key to limiting loss to both property and contents. The longer building materials have exposure to moisture, the less of a chance for restoration.  SERVPRO technicians have a diverse array of equipment for water extraction from all parts of the residence and its contents. Consumer-grade fans only can dry moisture from surfaces. The centrifugal air movers sometimes referred to as "snail shells," and they emit a powerful yet focused airflow that can remove embedded moisture. , sometimes referred to as "snail shells" or turbo dryers, produce powerful, concentrated air movement. 

To ensure complete water removal, the technicians use different kinds of moisture detection equipment that allows them to ascertain the migration path of the water quickly and if areas such as floor joists between floors or wall cavities require water cleanup. 

Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

When fire damage happens to an Orlando property, there are numerous challenges left behind for SERVPRO technicians. Fire debris removal is crucial for prepping a fire loss area for reconstruction. Once an item or building materials have charing damage, they contribute only odor and soot particles to the room and require removal. 

While porous objects do not fare well in fire and tend to absorb smoke and soot, rendering them as a fire loss rather than restorable; solid objects often have restoration potential through various cleaning methods that depend on the composition of the item. During a fire, hot air expands and drives smoke and soot into objects, including surfaces such as the paint on walls. SERVPRO technicians work cleaning away smoke residues with specialized cleaners. In some cases, additional treatments such as applying sealers over paint with embedded soot and smoke residue.  

Before occupying the property or beginning reconstruction efforts, the home should be scent-free from residual smoke odors. SERVPRO technicians have specialized training in the removal of different levels of fire odors. There are odor-covering treatments such as gel-pellets that are effective for mild smoke odors or equipment for neutralizing airborne odors when there is a need for stronger methods. It is common for technicians to inspect and clean the HVAC ventilation in the home to ensure there are residual odors left behind.

Storm Damage Happens in Many Forms

Orlando homes get blasted by high winds, dinged by hail, flooded with storm surges and flash floods and then there are hurricanes and tornadoes. Not to mention the State of Florida is the lightning capital of the world. 

SERVPRO technicians practice safety first on all jobs, and never more so than when it comes to cleaning up groundwater in a residence. Testing of the water is vital to know the types of contaminants they are dealing with as well as if sewage is also present. When eliminating groundwater, technicians always follow state or local regulations for the disposal of biohazardous waste.

It is common for technicians to contain the water loss area and also set up staging areas for the cleaning of both technicians and equipment as they are leaving the work-site to avoid cross-contamination during the flood damage cleanup,

They try to disrupt the home as little as possible during mitigation of storm damage; in some severe cases, technicians pack out the contents of the household in the interest of preserving items that have the potential to degrade in the presence of raised humidity. After the completion of water loss mitigation efforts, the technicians move the things back in and put them in their original places. 

Mold is a Constant Threat

Orlando has both warmth and humidity, making mold damage a constant threat to Orlando homes. Especially after any type of water damage. Since mold spores occur naturally and simply need an opportunity to germinate, technicians pay special attention to conditions inside the house when performing restoration services. 

When a homeowner suspects a mold infestation or sees signs of colonies, remediation events must begin quickly. SERVPRO holds a Mold Remediation License #MRSR868 and has the tools and equipment to eradicate mold colonies successfully. After mold damage cleanup. the application of antimicrobial sealers assures there will be no return to the home. 

Once the mold is not an issue within the structure of the home, technicians clean the HVAC ductwork to keep airborne mold spores from spreading to other areas of the house and re-establishing colonies in other areas. 


There are numerous reasons to outsource the need for restoration services to a professional firm. Among them is the difference in the equipment used. Consumer-grade wet/dry vacuums do not possess the power to clean up water damage in a home thoroughly. Because thorough water removal is vital, they choose equipment based on the surfaces or furnishings that need mitigation. Commonly used items would be portable extraction units, light wands for carpet, and deep removal tools. 

Dealing with insurance claims after any type of home disaster is an overwhelming feeling. To take some of the stress off property owners, SERVPRO offers its unique Contents Claim Inventory System. Each item in the home has a photographic record created along with written details of its condition and whether it had restoration actions performed or was a loss. This assists with the expediting of the filing of insurance claims as the CCIS service establishes a chain of custody for each item removed.

SERVPRO of West Orange at (407) 352-1569 is ready to assist property owners 24/7 with any needed restoration services caused by water, fire, mold or storm damage. The service is locally based, and we arrive on-site within an hour of your call because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Four Reasons to Trust SERVPRO to Restore Water Damaged Carpets in Orlando

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

Two girls laying an carpeted floor After water damage, you want your carpets as good as new. SERVPRO has the know-how and equipment to restore the carpets.

Why Replace Carpet with Water Damage in Orlando Homes When You Can Restore it? 

It may look hopeless to see rooms in your home with water damage, especially if the carpet has been affected. The good news is that if cleanup efforts begin quickly enough, there is a good chance the carpet and padding is not a water loss.  

Working on Orlando water damage from a busted pipe in a wall comes with several challenges for SERVPRO technicians. First and foremost, the water requires extraction before it migrates any more than it already has. Using advanced technology to scope the premises, the technicians ascertain all areas where water removal needs to occur. 


The technicians undergo rigorous training that covers all aspects of water restoration sciences. They also continue their education and stay up-to-date on the latest advances. This training enables them to save property owners the cost of replacement for damaged items through their specialized equipment and proprietary cleaning methods. 

Equipment for Water Extraction on Carpet

Under the carpet, the pad holds copious amounts of water, and if it is not adequately dried, it sets the home up for strong odors and mold growth. The use of weighted extractor heads pushes the water out of both carpet and the pad. Using the extractor allows for thorough drying, especially when technicians use targeted drying methods such as floating the carpet. 

Carpet Cleaning Methods for the Best Outcome

SERVPRO technicians have the training and hold certifications as Carpet Cleaning Technicians. To ensure they use the correct solutions and methods on the carpet, they test the fibers for colorfastness, bleeding, and shrinkage before performing any action. 

Special Attention to the Possibility of Mold

In cases where a leak has gone undetected for some time within a wall cavity, the potential for mold colonies within the structure is possible. SERVPRO technicians have a mold remediation license #MRSR868 and know the early warning signs as well as how to inhibit mold growth. 

SERVPRO of West Orange at (407) 352-1569 has technicians available 24/7 to assist property owners with any size water damage problem in their homes. We arrive quickly after your call and make the loss, "Like it never even happened."

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Orlando Homes, Smoky Odors, and SERVPRO Help

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Why Do Orlando Home Owners Rely on SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration and Odor Removal? Ask Your Neighbors!!

Fires Big and Small Are Our Specialty in Orlando

Even the smallest things can cause anxiety.  Maybe a small grease fire in your kitchen left some damage that, while not catastrophic, has you wondering how to get rid of the smell and the stain left on your ceiling.  You think fire damage requires a specialized team, but are unsure whether yours is big enough for a team of experts to review.  Do not let your anxiety get the best of you and place a call to a reputable resource.

If this fire damage story in Orlando describes your situation, SERVPRO is your best option to address the damage left behind in your kitchen.  We recognize that emergencies happen around the clock, so our services are also available 24/7.  Swift action is perhaps the most crucial element in minimizing your losses and avoiding the spread of unwanted smells and airborne particles.  Our team brings into your home the equipment and expertise to assess the extent of the damage and steps to remediation.

Understanding the chemical composition of your fire is a determinant of subsequent cleaning solutions.  Our SERVPRO staff trains to identify these differences based on the path and residue of the smoke, which in turn tailors cleaning solutions to your needs.  By cleaning each surface with appropriate substances, you prevent causing even more damage by using abrasive products on unsuitable surfaces.  You can rely on us to make informed decisions of what product is best in each case.

One of the most unpleasant effects of fires big and small is the odor they leave behind.  Our SERVPRO crew can help you remove them from your home by using air scrubbers, air filtration devices, and even thermal foggers.  Our industry-grade products are designed to be more effective than any store-bought deodorizing solution you may find at your local store. Knowing which option to use in each of our jobs is a skill acquired through our extensive training and on the field experience.

Do not let a small fire get the best of you.  We are here to help in fires big and small.  Just reach out to SERVPRO of West Orange at (407) 352-1569 and let us leave your home "Like it never even happened."

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Water Damage Can Spell Big Trouble For Your Lake Buena Vista Home

2/16/2019 (Permalink)

If you want to make water damage “Like it never even happened,” give our SERVPRO of West Orange rapid response team a call today.

How Serious Is Water Damage In Lake Buena Vista Homes?

Multiple situations could result in damages to Lake Buena Vista home. While storm damages obviously sit high on this list, as severe weather plays a constant role in the need for restoration throughout this area, other causes for water loss incidents occur from within the house. The trouble with these scenarios is that many homeowners do not believe there is a pressing concern for professional restoration for a seemingly localized event, though water loss incidents are rarely so easily cleaned or dried.

Whether a faulty appliance is to blame or aging plumbing, water damage in your Lake Buena Vista home can prove very problematic for structural integrity and longevity of materials used in your house. Understanding the effect that water damage can have on your home is important to appreciating you need for fast responding professional restorers once a situation arises. Our SERVPRO professionals offer fast response times, 24/7, to protect the investment that you have made in your home from the hazards of spreading water damage.

Water can spread quickly from the source, absorbing into materials and seeping through cracks and openings to affect flooring and wall cavities. While superficial cleaning efforts can appear to dry up this damage, much of it persists and continues out of sight. Allowing moisture and dampness to persist in your home can cause multiple issues, beginning with the continued degradation and deterioration of affected materials. Secondly, this damp area can allow mold spores to seat and thrive, adding mold remediation onto the list of professional services that your home needs.

Drying out the affected areas of your home requires advanced equipment designed to work quickly. The faster these tools can work to remove the moisture, the more of these saturated materials that can get preserved. Our air movers and LGR dehumidifiers can work together to dry up saturated materials and open areas.

No matter what has allowed water damage to affect your home, taking the right steps to recover from this situation quickly is vital to protecting your home and its occupants. If you want to make water damage “Like it never even happened,” give our SERVPRO of West Orange rapid response team a call today at (407) 352-1569.

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When You Have Fire Damage In Your Ocoee Home Call The Professionals

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

Fire devastation can feel overwhelming but the professionals are here for you 24/7.

Soot Removal Following a Fire in Your Ocoee Home

Soot can be one of the most challenging effects for restoration technicians after fire damage in your Ocoee home. After a fire has occurred, multiple symptoms and effects spread throughout the property, but only soot and smoke damages can travel far beyond the initial combustion areas to affect surfaces, contents, and construction materials. Soot especially can build up quickly on surfaces and can travel through the ductwork of your heating and air conditioning system to reach rooms and areas far away from the source of the fire. Overcoming these effects takes advanced equipment, and highly trained professionals like you find in our rapid response team.

From the moment that the fire gets extinguished in your Ocoee home, soot and smoke damages continue to travel throughout the property to come to rest on different contents and surfaces. Left alone long enough, soot can begin to stain the materials it reaches. Our SERVPRO professionals can work to assess the full spread of these effects and even set up temporary containment for soot to prevent further spread while our technicians prepare for removal and air purification strategies.

Cleaning surfaces involves elbow grease and equipment to help break apart sediment on surfaces and penetrate deeply into the affected materials with a powerful detergent that can lift out the staining from the soot. We can also employ advanced equipment in cleaning areas of your home like the HVAC system to prevent further spread of damaging soot particulates.

Removing loose soot particulates in the environment requires the installation of other industry-leading equipment like our air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, and ozone machines. All of these pieces of equipment feature HEPA filters that can begin trapping particles, soot, dust, debris, ash, and other damaging elements within the air to improve overall indoor air quality substantially throughout a single day.

Our focus when responding to a fire damage emergency in your home is to react quickly to the situation to provide our customers with effective solutions that preserve what matters most when possible. Our highly-trained SERVPRO of West Orange team is available 24/7 by calling (407) 352-1569.

Dine at the Ocoee Cafe a family owned diner located in the heart of Ocoee, Florida, click here for more information.

How SERVPRO Restores Water Damage in Ocoee

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Flash flooding can happen at any time in Florida. Call SERVPRO to remove the water damage from your home.

Severe Storms Can Quickly Flood Your Ocoee Home

With the devastating hurricanes that have affected Florida over the past several years, Ocoee residents perpetually have flooding and property damage on their minds. While homeowners can't prevent high-powered weather systems like these from damaging their homes and allowing for flooding, how they respond to the situation can save time and money.

Working to prevent flood damage can feel like an uphill battle that Ocoee homeowners do not get adequately prepared to face. Our SERVPRO professionals work quickly to ensure that all properties that require fast and efficient mitigation and restoration practices from skilled professionals like ours see the attention they deserve. Even with stretched resources with widespread disasters throughout our communities, our trained professionals work tirelessly to provide the same level of care and consideration to everyone who requires it.

Part of our ability to help customers affected by flooding in these or other instances is our commitment to remain available 24/7. This availability ensures that no potential customer waits for the mitigation work that we provide such as pack-outs to protect the contents of a home or fast extraction and drying efforts to preserve water-damaged structural elements when possible.

Another facet of our service through widespread or localized flooding in our communities is our advanced equipment and technology. Our team can conclusively determine moisture pockets and problem areas in a property with our thermal imagery cameras. We can quickly dry out affected materials and areas of a home with our combined efforts of air movers and dehumidifiers. We stock these items on the SERVPRO Green Fleet, so they are with the team when they first arrive at your address.

Providing flood restoration for your home depends exclusively on your response to the situation and securing the efforts of our highly trained professionals. You can depend on our SERVPRO of West Orange rapid response team, and we are available 24/7 by calling (407) 352-1569.

Downtown Ocoee was once housed the first citrus nursery in the United States. Read more here.

Timing Is Vital When It Comes To Water Damage In Your Ocoee Home

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Give our experts a call anytime that you need us!

Why Fast Extraction Is Critical For Damaged Ocoee Homes

For as much as Ocoee residents know about flooding and the dangers of excessive water, it remains a mystery why so many deem smaller amounts inside of their property as less severe or threatening. While many interior water loss incidents do not require extraction and the same measures necessary to overcome the effects of flooding, it is still a situation that requires a fast response to protect vital construction materials and protect your home from threatening secondary effects like mold growth.

For situations that do require water extraction in your Ocoee residence, it is critical to contact a professional restoration company immediately. With pooling water, exposed materials can begin to distort and erode in as little as a day, which can make them unsalvageable for even the experienced SERVPRO technicians we can dispatch to your address after the emergency.

When we arrive at your home following a water loss incident, it is our utmost priority to identify the source of the damage and determine what can or must be done to prevent this same situation from occurring a second time. In some situations, this is repairing busted plumbing. In others, it might be repairing damage to your roof that allows water penetration into the attic. Whatever source has allowed for this excess of water into your home, we have to repair it.

Our SERVPRO arrives quickly to the scene of your water loss incident because our professionals are ready 24 hours a day to help a customer in need. We have our equipment and tools loaded into our Green Fleet and ready to roll out to an emergency shortly after we get that initial call. It is that fast response that helps us to save our customers money and to make restoration projects more efficient overall.

With a situation that requires extraction, you need a team of experienced professionals with the equipment to remove the water from your home fast. Our SERVPRO of West Orange rapid response team can arrive quickly and work immediately to improve the damage your home has sustained. Give our experts a call anytime that you need us at (407) 352-1569.

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What Few People Know About Water Damage Resulting From Plumbing Failure in Ocoee

12/23/2018 (Permalink)

When plumbing fails in your home, water damage is a quick result. Contact SERVPRO to assess and then remediate the damage.

The Risks of Aging Plumbing in Ocoee Homes

You might be among the many Ocoee homeowners who believe that houses do not get constructed as they used to and that tradecrafts are not as skilled as they might have once been. You might consider plumbing to be one of the trades that have gone the way of simpler setups and materials over the years, but this has become a reason that these networks of pipes have resisted deterioration and degradation. Aging plumbing might have been put in with great care, but these systems are only ever as strong as their weakest component.

While you can often troubleshoot a problem with the plumbing in your home before simple water damage in Ocoee turns into indoor flooding, these situations require almost the same degree of urgency. Saturation of exposed materials begins immediately when leaking water from a plumbing connection interacts with the walls, flooring, ceiling, or other material. Our SERVPRO professionals can help you to both identify the source of the problem and offer effective solutions to restore the damage that it has caused.

As pipes age, especially a variety like galvanized steel that was common in home construction before the 1960s, they can corrode or allow scaling and buildup to occur on the inside, reducing pressure to the fixtures. While you might experience a lower pressure at the faucet, the same or even heightened pressure exists where the water gets throttled down in the lines, which can lead to separations, leaks, ruptures, and other concerns. Our SERVPRO professionals can use leak detection equipment to identify the precise point of the problem to focus our efforts on removing the present moisture immediately.

You might not immediately recognize the signs of a plumbing issue, especially if this situation has existed since you moved in. If you encounter water damage or weakening structural components, you can always count on our SERVPRO of West Orange water restoration technicians to help you diagnose the problem and restore the damage it has caused. Give us a call today at (407) 352-1569.

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Windemere Water Loss Property Owners Know SERVPRO Is the Right Choice for Help

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Photo of non professional cleaning equipment For Industrial Grade Water Removal and Drying Equipment After a Water Loss in Windermere--Please Call SERVPRO

Why SERVPRO Is The Full-Service Choice To Restore Windermere Water Damage

When your home in Windermere experiences a water emergency, it is crucial to complete all the steps necessary to make it “Like it never even happened.” Avoid the confusion and chaos of handling the problem yourself or working with a series of contractors when you connect with our multi-talented professional team. We commit to completing the following tasks to make sure your home is back to preloss condition.

Water damage can trace to a wide array of causes in Windermere. Our location in Orange County offers the warmth and beauty of central Florida but can also put your home in harm's way when seasonal storms or even hurricanes bring high winds and torrential rains. If the weather challenges leave your home untouched, internal household water crises from leaky pipes to appliance breakage expose the structure and contents of your house to water damage. We begin with a full assessment of the scenario, and then implement an effective plan to restore your property.

We remove standing water and use advanced scanning and moisture metering equipment to find lingering moisture and cavities retaining water. Pumps and wanded extractors do most of the work, although we also use specialized tools like floor drying mats with negative pressure generators to pull moisture from several layers. Investment in efficient water damage restoration equipment and training in innovative strategies is why SERVPRO is an industry leader.

The baseline moisture readings taken by IICRC-trained technicians assist our Structural Drying team in determining drying goals. SERVPRO crew members position air movers and heaters to transform water trapped in building material into a vapor. The water vapor then condenses for disposal when we use an evaporative dehumidifier. Desiccant dehumidifiers remove the vapor by absorption. Periodic moisture measurements ensure the drying configuration is effective, and our skilled and experienced team adapt the positioning of air movers and temperature to improve the process if necessary.

Sometimes personal property is exposed to water damage. We then help with a pack-out to a dry area of your home or our production facility. The flexibility of our operation to meet your needs is why SERVPRO is a wise choice. No two water damage situations are the same, and we design a restoration plan that fits your requirements.

SERVPRO of West Orange is a team of experienced professionals ready to help with any water damage catastrophe. Call our office at (407) 352-1569 for a speedy response to your water loss.

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Why You Should Always Use A Professional Company For Carpet Cleaning

3/25/2018 (Permalink)

The following tips for finding a reputable company to help you with your carpet cleaning needs were found on, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification web site. SERVPRO of West Orange has many highly trained professionals that can assist you. Give us a call today!

“Cleaning Carpet Can Be a Dirty Business” “Not All Scum Is In the Carpet” “Don’t Let them Pull The Rug Out From Under You” “Clean Your Carpets Without Cleaning Out Your Wallet” “Don’t Get Taken To The Cleaners.”  These clever phrases have appeared recently in newspaper articles and televised news programs across the nation warning consumers about carpet cleaning scam operations. The media has related horror stories of trusting consumers who have responded to low-price carpet cleaning specials only to become victims of unethical cleaners who refuse to honor the advertised price, intimidate the consumers and do poor quality work.

Bait-and-switch operators are prevalent in many industries, and the carpet cleaning industry is no exception. This does not mean that all carpet cleaners are rip-off artists. How do you know who is and who is not? The professional carpet cleaning industry has cited these scam activities as a major industry concern and is taking action to help eliminate unprofessional workmanship and unethical tactics. One of the leaders in this campaign is the IICRC, an international, non-profit organization that certifies cleaners who meet prescribed levels of technical proficiency and pledge to operate by a Code of Ethics.

To help educate consumers so they will not become victims of fraudulent practices within the cleaning industry, the IICRC has released a list of guidelines to consider when selecting a carpet cleaner.

  • Price – If an advertised price sounds too good to be true – it is! Often carpet cleaners advertise a low price just to get their foot in the door. Use common sense; a low price usually equates to low quality for any product or service. Legitimate business people have expenses they must cover, including license, taxes, insurance, employee wages, and benefits, and quality tools of the trade. A professional carpet cleaner who must cover all of these business expenses and make a profit to stay in the business cannot afford to drive to your house for $5.95, much less clean a room of carpet when there.
  • Quality – Never should the price of cleaning services be the sole criterion for selecting a carpet cleaner. A price that sounds high may not be a signal of a rip-off. In all professions, quality work deserves a quality price.
  • Truth in Advertising – Read the fine print in advertised specials to find out exactly what the price includes, and request a firm price in writing before the work begins.
  • Training – Professional cleaning firms require management and employees to engage in formal training in a variety of cleaning disciplines, and these educational efforts will be ongoing.  Consumers should ask about the formal training background of technicians who will be cleaning their carpet.
  • Certification – Professional firms require technicians who have certification from organizations like the IICRC or through comparable franchise or independent training and testing organizations.
  • Experience – The years of experience a firm has, combined with formal training programs, contribute significantly to the experience and proficiency of its employees.
  • Knowledgeable – Professional firms employ and train technicians who have the ability to answer basic questions regarding carpet performance and maintenance, as well as spotting and cleaning.
  • References – Consumers should ask for references from previous customers, and they should consult friends and business acquaintances about the reputation of the cleaning firm they are considering. Do not hesitate to call the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Trade Associations – Professional cleaning firms are members of regional or national trade associations or other organizations that promote high ethical standards and continuing education. Look for trade association logos in advertising.
  • Credibility – Community involvement through the Chamber of Commerce and/or professional business, charitable or similar organizations will be undertaken by concerned, caring professionals. Look for logos indicating involvement in these organizations.
  • Method – Ask the cleaner which method of cleaning will be used and the advantages and disadvantages of this method compared to other methods.
  • Proof – Never hesitate to ask for proof. Ask to see the cleaner’s certification card, business license and insurance certificate.
  • No Pressure – Technicians must be courteous and willing to take the time to thoroughly explain the cleaning and to answer all questions. The consumer should never feel pressured.

There is no single criterion for selecting a carpet cleaning service. Several combined factors must be considered in the selection decision.

Keep Your HVAC System running Great!

2/21/2018 (Permalink)

Have you ever wondered as your AC unit kicks on, just what are some of the most common issues people have with their HVAC? You haven't? Well....Allow me to answer your now burning question. 

The List:

  • Dirty Air Filters. Air filters should be changed regularly. 
  • Clogged Drain Lines. 
  • Blown Fuses. 
  • Low Refrigerant. 
  • Dirty Condenser Coils. 
  • Electrical Problems. 
  • Frozen Evaporator Coil. 
  • Thermostat.

Briefly, let’s discuss how SERVPRO can solve some of these issues, and keep others from happening.

I'm sorry, but dirt happens. Not only that, dust is made up of dirt as well as pet dander and skin. Yes skin. We are constantly making our homes dusty. Regular dusting and cleaning helps cut down on a lot of that, but the air is full of small particles that are being pulled into your HVAC's and it starts with the filter. If you have dirty filters you are circulating dirty air into your vents. Your vents are connected to a maze of ducts in the home and office. This debris collects in spaces we normally can't get to. SERVPRO of West Orange and Apopka-Wekiva can help here. We offer a comprehensive cleaning team for your in home or in office duct systems. We will deed clean your system and seal it to protect from fast buildup of debris. The HVAC air handler is pulled apart and cleaned piece by piece. 

This simple solution can save you from possibly needing to deal with the rest of that list. It can also improve air quality in your home or office. Feel free to give us a call today for an estimate!

Always Use a Professional to Clean Your Upholestry

2/21/2018 (Permalink)

Professional upholstery cleaning services are much more effective than do-it-yourself options or treatment performed by untrained personnel. That’s because certified professionals know how to use the latest equipment and practices to great effect, removing even the most stubborn soils deeply embedded in the fabric. Homeowners often ignore the need for furniture cleaning, but if it is not performed regularly, families may have to get rid of their favorite sofa or chair long before it is necessary.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) teaches technicians the best way to approach upholstery cleaning services in any setting. They know how to identify and clean every type of fabric, including delicate fabrics like silk and leather.

In general, the process is the same no matter what kind of furniture the technician is working with, though it still requires a great deal of precision and effort. The fabric is first vacuumed to get rid of all dry, loose soils. This ensures they are not matted during water application. Pretreatment sprays are then applied and help break down stubborn soils like body oil and liquid stains. The technician will then apply a combination of water and cleaning agents, either by scrubbing or with a special wand tool. The furniture is rinsed lightly and excess water is extracted before the fabric is allowed to dry.

This form of treatment reaches all layers of the fabric and can greatly extend the furniture’s life. For that reason, it should be considered an investment in the furniture. SERVPRO of Apopka/Wekiva is proud to have fully IICRC trained technicians on staff to help you with your upholstery cleaning needs. Feel free to give us a call for a quote today!

Do I Have Bats? How Can I Remove Them?

2/21/2018 (Permalink)

Contributed by Michael Johnson. Production Manager

Bats. Bats are the only flying mammal and like to have a private space away from predators and bad weather. Where is a good Place? You’re Attic of Course! Here is a list that may be helpful in determining if you have an issue at your property with bats:

·         Are there a large number of bats outside the building? 

·         Has anyone heard scratching or squeaking noises from walls, the chimney, or attic?

·         Are there unexplained stains on walls and ceilings?

·         Are there rub marks on the outside of the building around areas with holes or cracks? 

Bats can carry different diseases that can harm humans in many ways. Rabies being one of the illness. The other is Histoplasmosis. The Mayo Clinic defines it as:

An infection caused by breathing in spores of a fungus often found in bird and bat droppings. Histoplasmosis is most commonly transmitted when these spores become airborne, often during cleanup or demolition projects.

As a side effect of bats living in a home, mold can start to grow in the bat droppings

There is a specialized remediation process to remove the bat droppings from the attic space and dispose of them. SERVPRO Is highly trained in the remediation process for buildings and homes affected by bat infestations. We have completed everything from single family homes to major hotels.

During the removal process all materials that have come in contact with the bat droppings would have to be removed and disposed of under state regulations for bio Hazardous waste. The Items include:

Drywall, insulation, cloth materials, cardboard and wood (depending on the saturation of droppings)

If you have any concerns or think you may have had an infestation of bats, Please call us for an inspection.