Recent Before & After Photos

Storms and what they leave behind

Not all storms dump water creating havoc on a structure. For this home that was not the outcome and it did get greatly affected by the storm that hit this home.... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Office Building

As you can see in these before and after photos that this office really did get affected by a lot of water. The storm Damage to this office building resulted fr... READ MORE

Document Restoration

Document restoration can be a critical part of recovery for a business after a storm. Vacuum Freeze Drying allows us to recover important documents for our cust... READ MORE

Storm Damages

Storms are not all that bad unless it happens to damage your home or business. In that case storms can be a lot more problematic than we would like to... READ MORE

Soot Cleaning

In the before photo you can see what happens to your personal items after a fire ahs been taken care of. The soot from a fire can ruin your treasures if not tak... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage

Fires can be more of headache than we really want to deal with especially if it is your business. That's where our team comes in and as soon as we get to your b... READ MORE

Commercial Duct CLeaning

The ductwork in your commercial building is the distribution pathway for the heated or cooled air produced by your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, or boile... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage

In the before photo you can see where the water was and how much it damaged the wood floor. The process that our crew uses is called "water extraction".&nb... READ MORE

Removal of Affected Vanity

The before photo in this group shows an area under a vanity affected by mold. Due to the nature of the material used to construct the vanity, there is no way to... READ MORE

Cabinet removal due to Mold

In this set of photos, the before photo shows this kitchen was affected by both water and mold damage. In order to properly remedy the issues our crews had to r... READ MORE